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Rave Reviews

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Easton - San Antonio, TX

Easton recently had surgery and has to take a large amount of pills in addition to his regular medication. He has food allergies that severely limit what he can eat. His dermatologist recommended these oat pill wraps and they have been out saving grace. Even when Easton isn’t feeling well and won’t eat he will take his medicine in these pill wraps. We’re so thankful for this option.

Toots - Boone, NC

Toots has VERY bad allergies! So bad that she has to have an allergy shot once a week to help build her immune system. We were VERY limited on what food and treats she can have. We are SO thankful to have found the Potato Pleasers! She LOVES them! Thank you for being such a great company and for helping dogs like ours have some yummy treats they can have! :)

Leo - Fort Worth, TX

Our fur baby Leo LOVES his potato pleasers and wraps!! I am soo thankful for his dermatologist recommending them! he is on a limited diet due to allergies and it’s been difficult to find treats he can eat. I have never seen him soo excited to take his meds or have a treat!! Thank you again :)