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Frequently Asked Questions - General

Some companies do make treats but the profit margin is not great enough for extensive lines of treats and often palatabilty is sacrificed.

Of course, the best way to know if your dog will eat our treats is by giving some to them.  We have found very few dogs who do not like these treats.  The largest problem is the treat size may be a too large for very small dogs.  However, our treats may be broken to make them smaller for these dogs.  If your dog will only eat very soft food due to gum and teeth problems, you may add water to soften them.  Do not add water to all the treats at once as the water will drastically decrease the shelf life of the treats.

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These treats do not have vitamins added to create a nutritionally balanced meal for your dog. They should never be used to replace your dog’s regular diet. How many you can give your dog will be based on his activity, and weight. Each treat has an estimated number of calories per treat (which you can see on product information page) so you can base the amount on the size of your dog and the number of extra calories your dog can handle. Consulting your veterinarian on caloric intake will be most helpful.

We do use natural preservatives like Vitamin E oil and rosemary in the treats.  We date all our treats for freshness and each bag has a tamper resistant seal. Our treats have a 12 month+ shelf life when kept sealed in the barrier bags we package them in.  As with any foods if there is mold or a noxious odor from the treats, do not use them.

Sometimes our treats are very hard and cannot be easily broken. We bake them to reduce the moisture content which helps preserve the treats and extends their shelf life. If they are too hard, you may remove some treats and place them in a resealable container such as Tupperware®, spread a layer of treats on the bottom of the container, place a piece of plastic wrap on top of them and then a damp clean paper towel on top of.  Reseal the container and allow treats to rehydrate over the next day or two.  They should break more easily after a day of rehydrating.  Remember that hydrating treats will shorten their shelf life so only do a small portion at a time to ensure they will be used quickly.

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WrapIts are a pill wrap mix.  They come as a powder that must have water added to it to form a dough or paste.  This dough can be used to form a wrap for your pet's pills.  The wrap diguises pills as a delicious treat so your pet will enjoy taking his medication.  Our WrapIt mix comes in Hopping Oat or Potato Pleaser flavors. 

The WrapIts have the same ingredients as our dog treats with the addition of coconut oil.  Hopping Oats WrapIt's ingredients: oat flour (gluten free), molasses, olive oil, coconut oil and mixed tocopherols as a preservative (AKA Vitamin E).  Potato Pleasers WrapIt's ingredients: potato starch, potato flour, molasses, olive oil, coconut oil, baking soda and mixed tocopherols as a preservative (AKA Vitamin E).

WrapIt powder is good for at least one year when it is stored in a cool dry place.  The powder must be kept dry or the shelf life is drastically reduced.  DO NOT MEASURE WRAPIT POWDER WITH A WET SPOON or mold may begin to grow! It is recommended to only make the amount of dough you will use in 2-3 days.  The dough can be stored in a sealed bag for up to 3 days at room temperature or 6 days in the refrigerator. The dough will begin to dry out, but can be remoistened with a few drops of water and kneading.  DO NOT USE if mold begins to grow on it!